Cleanse N Sculpt Wand (FREE Shipping)


Put Your Fresh Face Forward!

Introducing our all in one beauty wand. Used in the shower to deeply cleanse your skin, removing excess sebum and unclogging pores, with 5 speed sonic vibration. Our unique double head brush features one side with soft-bristles for your face and a raised mini-head for hard to reach areas prone to build up - like the side of your nose and chin.

The Cleanse N Sculpt Wand takes your beauty routine one step further with our Rose Quartz head, that heats up at the touch of a button, to allow your sculpting routine, serums and facial massage, to go deeper.

Our Cleanse N Sculpt Wand is waterproof, features a suction base and a rechargeable battery.

Use our Cleanse N Sculpt Wand with our Collagen Serum or Peptide Cream for ultimate results.